Shamayita Math

Shamayita Math is a spiritual NGO, situated in a small village about 250 kilometres from Kolkata in West Bengal. This area is one of the poorest in India, and is an area where especially women’s opportunities for education and work are minimal.

The organization was founded I 1992 by the guru Prabhuji, who is the spiritual leader of the place. Prabhujis main philosophy is that all people have a great power inside themselves, and that though education this can sprout and grow. Prabhuji is not preaching for a specific religion, but feels that all religions should exist side by side, and that love is where they all meet.

Shamayita Math is a place where dedicated women and men from different places in India, who have chosen to spend their whole life on improving the circumstanced for the people who lives in this remote, rural area.

The organization has many activities and work among other things with village development, vocational training for young men and women, support for the tribal people, village schools for previous casteless, information campaigns about health and hygiene, environment friendly development projects in the nearby villages and administrating micro loans for women. They run a health clinic with different kinds of planned surgeries (such as operations for cataract, and gynaecological operations) as well as treatment every day health problems. Besides all this Shamayita Math runs a girls school with English as the primary language with classes from kinder garden to standard 12 (which can be translated to a high school level). The school have 600 students. In addition to this Shamayita Math runs a school for children with autism and other mental challenges, Monodeep.

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