Become a member

It is 100 kr. annually to be a member of Friends of Shamayita Math. The membership fee is this so low, because we wish, that everybody can be a part of our work, and because we know that all contribution counts.

You are of cause very welcome to donate more money, if you want and have the possibility to do that.

You become a member by transferring 100 kr. to:

reg. no. 5324

account no. 0251179

or with Mobilepay: box 97814

Remember to let us know your name and email address, so we can keep you informed about our activities. You can write it in the netbank when sending your donation, or you can write to our secretary with your information (

If you don’t have a Danish bank, you can contact us for possibilities of becoming a member and supporting the organization.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us (

Supporting without becoming a member

If you only want to donate a contribution without becoming a member, you are always welcome to transfer to:

reg. no. 5324

account no. 0251179

or with Mobilepay: box 97814


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Vi har fået nyt kontonummer:

5324 0251179

Webmaster: Lise Hagelund,

Reg. nr.: 5324

Kontonummer: 0251179

Mobile pay: box97814