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Welcome to Friends of Shamayita Math

Friends of Shamayita Math is a Danish organization, that supports the local Indian NGO Shamayita Math.

On this site you can read more about the activities and projects Shamayita Math works on and find out, how you can support the cause – either by donating money or by working as a volunteer directly with Shamayita Math in India.

Shamayita Math primarily works with improving the life standards for the poorest people in a rural area in West Bengal, Bankura. Shamayita Math especially focusses on supporting women’s rights and empowerment, and improve their possibilities for a worthy life. The organization for example runs a health clinic and a girls school with around 600 students.

Since 2008 many member of Friends of Shamayita Math have visited the place and have experienced first hand the improvements. They have also participated in different activi-ties such as teaching at the village schools.

Our wish to enhance the education for village children have led us to collect money for building a village school.

Friends of Shamayita Math have created a direct contact with an effective local NGO in a poor rural area in India, and we can vouch for that every donation goes directly to the place, it is needed. We know that every single donation – big and small – will be of value.

We would like help to do that.

Kind regards

Lars Fynbo, Chair man of Friends of Shamayita Math